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You spell it, we light it up
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Light Up Numbers for Sale

Letter Hire London specialise in the sale of high quality light up numbers across the Uk & Ireland. Light Up Numbers a must-have for event planners, balloon decor companies, event hire businesses, and corporate brands across the UK and Ireland.

Why Choose Our Light Up Numbers?

Unparalleled Quality: Unlike the commonplace wooden versions, our light-up numbers are crafted from strong, galvanised metal, ensuring durability, lightness, and safety. Each piece undergoes rigorous electrical testing, guaranteeing they not only meet but exceed industry standards.

Versatile Styles for Every Theme: Our catalog includes 4ft light-up numbers with white bulbs for a classic, elegant look, and coloured bulbs for a vibrant, customisable display. The coloured bulbs can be adjusted to any colour with a remote control device, allowing for perfect synchronisation with your event's theme.

4ft Light Up Number Coloured Bulbs - Letter Hire London

Transform Your Event Space: Whether it's a corporate event, a milestone birthday, or a grand wedding, buying light-up numbers adds a memorable touch to your celebration. They're not just decorations; they're statement pieces that light up the venue and create a focal point for photos and memories.

For Sale Across the UK and Ireland: We've made it easy for event professionals and businesses to own these spectacular pieces. No longer just for hire, our light-up numbers are available for purchase, ensuring you can illuminate your events anytime, anywhere.

A Bright Investment - High ROI Potential

Investing in our light-up numbers means bringing a sparkle to every event you host or organise. They're a brilliant addition to your event planning resources, offering the flexibility to adapt to various themes and settings. Moreover, their superior quality ensures they remain a part of your decor arsenal for years to come.

Tailored for Professionals: Designed with event professionals in mind, our light-up numbers serve as a powerful tool for brand promotion and creating unforgettable event experiences. They're perfect for event venues looking to add a unique touch to their offerings and corporate brands aiming to make a lasting impression.

4ft Light Up Number White Bulbs - Letter Hire London

Extremely High ROI:Β An investment in buying light up numbers, will undoubtably be your best purchase to date! In just 4-5 hires you will have made your money back on each number, meaning the rest is profit! Technically, you could have this investment paid off in just four weeks and you will be running a profitable business in under a month..pretty good investment!

Our Dazzling Range

4ft White Bulbs: Discover elegance with our 4ft Light-Up Numbers, designed to radiate a warm, inviting glow. These majestic pieces are ideal for creating an atmosphere of sophistication and class at any event.

4ft Coloured Bulbs: Bring your event to life with our 4ft Coloured Bulb Numbers, capable of changing to any colour via a remote control device or remaining in a delightful multicoloured display. These vibrant numbers offer endless possibilities to customise your event’s theme and mood.

4ft Light Up Number & Letter LED Strip Light - Letter Hire London

Our 4ft Light Up Numbers for sale are more than just numbers; they're an experience, elevating every event to a spectacle of light and joy. Explore our collection today and bring home the brilliance that sets your events apart.

Discover the difference quality and craftsmanship can make in your celebrations. Choose Letter Hire London for light-up numbers for sale that shine as bright as your special moments.