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You spell it, we light it up
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Illuminate Your London Event: Hire LED Light Up Numbers & Letters

A dazzling display of 4ft light up numbers illuminating a festive event in London.


The city of London, known for its dazzling skyline and vibrant nightlife, has embraced a new trend that's lighting up personal celebrations with an equally captivating glow. The trend in question? Giant light up numbers and letters that stand at an impressive 4 feet tall, bringing an illuminating touch to events across the city. These aren't just any decorations; they are beacons of celebration, marking milestones and special occasions with a brilliance that matches the city's own vibrancy.

In a world where personal touches make all the difference, these LED number hires and light up number hire services offer a unique way to celebrate life's big moments. Whether it's marking a significant birthday, commemorating an anniversary, or adding a sparkle to a wedding reception, these light up numbers and letters bring a glow that's as unforgettable as the event itself. Their versatility and viual appeal make them a sought-after addition to any celebration, turning ordinary spaces into scenes of radiant joy.

The allure of these illuminated digits goes beyond their visual appeal. They symbolize the warmth, joy, and brightness of the occasions they commemorate. As night falls, they stand tall and bright, casting a glow that's both inviting and celebratory, drawing all eyes and becoming a focal point of photographs, memories, and shared moments. Their light is a metaphor for the brightness of the milestones they mark, making every event not just seen but felt deeply by all who attend.

The Allure of 4ft Light Up Numbers

Imagine walking into a venue, the excitement in the air palpable, as the glowing figures of "50" light up numbers or the vibrant "18" light up numbers catch your eye. These illuminated marvels do more than light up a space; they transform it. Each number tells a story, a narrative of years celebrated, milestones achieved, and moments that deserve the spotlight.

Versatility for Every Event

Light Up Numbers for Birthday and More: Whether it's a landmark birthday, a special anniversary, or any significant occasion, these luminous figures add a personal and glowing touch to the celebration. Their versatility shines through at birthdays, anniversaries, corporate milestones, and even casual get-togethers, making them a must-have for event planners and individuals alike.

LED Number Hire and Light Up Letter Hire Service: Our comprehensive hire service includes a wide range of numbers and letters, ensuring your event is lit exactly the way you envision it. From "LED Number Hire" to "Light Up Number Hire," and extending to "Light Up Letters and Numbers," we cater to all your event needs with a service that's as reliable as it is radiant.

A Bright Future: From Hire to Purchase

While our light up numbers and letters have been a hit for hire across London, we're excited to announce that soon, you'll have the opportunity to own these glowing marvels. The upcoming launch of our "4ft Light Up Letters to Buy" means you can bring the magic of these illuminated figures into your events, businesses, or even your home, anytime you wish.


  • How much does it cost to hire light up numbers and letters? We offer competitive pricing tailored to the specifics of your event, ensuring a glowing success without straining your budget. Check out Numbers for hire here for pricing.

  • Can the light up numbers and letters be customised? Absolutely! We offer a variety of colors and settings to match your event's theme perfectly.

  • Are the light up numbers and letters suitable for outdoor use? Yes, our products are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, allowing for flexibility in event planning. However, this is weather dependant.

  • How far in advance should I book the light up numbers and letters? Due to high demand, we recommend booking as early as possible to guarantee availability for your event date.